Sunday morning classes

We have been running outdoor classes on Sunday mornings since the end of lockdown for adults and some of the more advanced juniors. However, it is getting cold now so we are moving these classes indoors to the hall at Garthwaite Pavilion Shenley Brook End. We will also extend the hours to a 2-hour session from 10am to 12 noon.

These classes are open to all level adults and the more advanced junior students (purple belt and higher) to join when they can. The training is a bit different from the usual junior classes so attending should help juniors (and adults) with preparation for their next grading (next one to be held 5th Dec 2021).

The main focus is on kata, bunkai and kumite. We will also cover yakusoku kumite, sandan-gi and other syllabus training.

To start with, I am just charging enough to cover the costs of hall hire. For one-off session, the fee is £5 for juniors or £7 for adults. These classes are not held every week so here are the dates this year: 03-Oct, 17-Oct, 24-Oct, 31-Oct, 07-Nov, 21-Nov, 28-Nov, 12-Dec, 19-Dec