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Kata challenge

Throughout the month of August 2023, IOGKF members from around the world have the option to join Nakamura Sensei for the 2023 IOGKF Kata Challenge.

Now much of the world is back to normality, the Kata challenge returns and now you can share in the experience with your Dojo. Here is how the Kata challenge works!

To encourage all our international members, Nakamura Sensei is planning to have a zoom session to do 30 Gekisai Dai Ichi (free of charge) 9 am Toronto Canada time on Saturday, August 12. 

I have created an online form to record your progress. Students from Milton Keynes dojo may use the online version instead of the official paper version.

We also invite members of other clubs to use this online form and tracking feature to follow progress and encourage each other to push ourselves to the limit.

The official paper version is available here. If you use the paper version, submit it to your sensei at the end of the month. Your sensei will provide a signed certificate to everyone who takes part.

Share photos, videos and updates from your progress on social media using the hashtag #iamiogkf to keep connected with other IOGKF members from around the globe who are sharing in the same journey as you.